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      ICT Business


      The Group has been divided into 2 major units, i.e., Telecommunications, and Computer products, where the former is responsible for complete telecommunications infrastructure services, telecommunications equipment distribution, and wireless broadband internet services, while the latter is responsible for financial and banking services, IT, and computer services.

      The Group is carrying on such two major projects as the establishment of 3rd generation mobile telecommunication network (3G) for TOT Public Company Limited and that of optical fiber cable for CAT Telecom Public Company Limited. Besides, the Group has been appointed the official enterprise partner for Google to customize the search engine giant’s applications and services, particularly on “Search Appliance” or intranet search engine and “Google Apps” for corporate e-mail system and more. This is the first era for Google to partner with the local organization for penetrating enterprise solution market, in response to the customers’ higher demands for using familiar technologies in the organization.

      Due to the rapid change of technology, the Group is well prepared while simultaneously reform our business practices along with management structure for more flexibility and efficiency in accordance with the business environment.


      The Group's products and services are:

      • Computer and Telecommunication products and software sales
      • Wireless Broadband Solutions & Products
      • IT Total Solution Provider, Internet System Integration, Outsourcing, e-Service, e-Biz Consulting/IT Training, Web-based Integration System Management
      • Provides e-Learning service
      • Provides complete solutions for e-Commerce, information security, ATM and smart cards
      • Teleservice Solution Provider, call center service, telemarketing service
      • Provides Satellite Images, GIS software system and service
      • Developed and delivered many computer systems and services to government and public sectors in finance, automotive, heavy industry, hospital, manufacturing, chemical, education, entertainment, transportation and electronics
      • Provides the real-time integrated services for fleet management, which covers real-time tracking, driving route setting and driving behavior, and also combines GSM networks, GPS Satellites and Digital Map technologies for call center monitoring
      • Develops and offers sales management system under the name of MCE (Mobile Convergence Expert)
      • Distributes products and services in site survey, system design, procurement, installation, test, commissioning and warranty for large scale telecommunication systems including fiber optic, microwave, satellite earth station, mobile SNG and base station systems for mobile phones.
      • Front-end survey application for automobile claim services. The system provides all the necessary applications and synchronizes the information amongst all the three involved parties, namely, the call center, the claim agent and the claim expert.
      • Sales data synchronization application between handheld mobile devices to the corporate computer network via advanced communication technologies
      • Design and implement open source software for government agencies and corporations


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      Loxley Wireless Co., Ltd


               Loxley Wireless Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Loxley Plc that engages in telecommunications business in 4 major areas:


      1. Telecommunications Services: Distribution of Carrier-grade communications equipment by Huawei, and Alcatel-Lucent including SDH, DWDM, and NGN, as well as Aastra’s enterprise product, e.g., PABX including installation and after-sale maintenance services


      2. Wireless Communications Services: Distribution of Cambium (former Motorola), e.g., Canopy Link, Wireless Transmission Solutions, e.g., Radio Frequency Repeaters, Microwave, etc.


      3. Network Optimization: Mobile network optimization service via various techniques, e.g., dead signal area improvement, repeater installation, indoor and outdoor antenna installations, etc.


      4. Type III Telecommunications Operator: High-speed data communications provider for corporate customers, e.g., Internet broadband, Voice over IP, Video surveillance (CCTV), Virtual private network (VPN), etc.



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