LOXLEY Public Company Limited

    • Board of Directors

    •   Charoon Chinalai
          Independent Director


      Civil Engineering King's College London University, England
      Director Accreditation Program 12/2004 Thai Institute of Directors Association

      Work Experience for the Past 5 years
      Listed Companies

         Independent Director, Loxley Plc / Technology and trading business

      Non-Listed Companies / Other Business

          Independent Director, NS BlueScope Lysaght (Thailand) Limited / Manufacture and sale of steel roofing
          Director, Parinda Plc/Quarry concession and stone mill factory
          Director, Coffral-Thai Co., Ltd. / Construction equipment rental service
          Director, EkThana Engineering Co., Ltd. / Rental of construction equipment

      Shareholding of Loxley

      Own: None                                                 Loxley-W: None 

      Spouse or Underage Children: None               Loxley-W:  None