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      Information Technology

      Information Technology Strategic Business Group


      Provides end-to-end solutions, from design, acquisition and installation to comprehensive IT system administration.  We manage systems with the use of high-performance technologies for the best possible results and optimized stability.


      We meticulously select, use and distribute world-class products, while providing constant network monitoring and updates. Scheduled system maintenance and repair services are also available. 


      Thriving towards excellence in work process and safety systems. We have more than 500 certified IT engineers whose expertise covers every area of our services, working in collaboration with our 24/7 support team. Our commitment to excellence is guaranteed by many international standard certifications and awards.    


      We strive to explore a new dimension of services delivered, while reducing the use of resources and ensuring convenience everywhere and on any platform. 


      We support Thailand’s move to a cashless society. Our specialists are always available for consultation and to offer a completed system administration solutions.


      We also provide installation services for centralized communication systems covering the use of AI to help serve millions of customers effectively.