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      Loxbit Public Company Limited.


      The Company conducts operations in the area of IT and automated self-service machines which enable customers to complete the entire financial transactions on their own and/or via electronic media. It also provides work system services on a fully comprehensive basis for the entire system. Such as 3 in1 machine (Deposit/Dispense/Passbook Update), Teller cash recycle machine (TCR), Automatic answering system (IVR), Pin Pads, Electronic disbursement machine with counter-hacking and counterfeiting devices (EDC), inter-bank clearing house system with exchanges of visual displays of cheques in lieu of actual cheque presentation (ICAS) and risk management database inclusive of reports for banks and financial institutions which meet the new standards for international reporting by providing services covering procurement, installation and maintenance.


      From market study and tracking the changes of technology in various industries, services needs to be improved to meet the needs of technologies change. Products and services offered must be benchmark against competitor and industries standard. The Company staffs must be able to provide technical services and development of the solutions with confidence as a valueadded service to customers.


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