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      Mobile Innovation Company Limited (MI) is a joint venture between Loxley Public Company Limited and NTT DOCOMO Inc., Japan’s leading mobile communications company and the influencer in advancing mobile communications technology on a global scale, providing Real Time Fleet Management System service as an Application Service Provider (ASP) entitled Fleet Expert. Fleet Expert is a real-time tracking and fleet management system which combines the advanced online Digital Tachograph Technology and wireless communication, mobile networks, GPS and Digital Vector Map technology with comprehensive analysis and management software. Fleet Expert not only pinpoint fleet location and activity but also delivers accurate data getting directly from the vehicles and system can detect vehicle motion, driver’s behaviors and thus ensure immediate security for the driver, provides the useful historical data with analysis report for fleet manager to plan and control vehicle maintenance, vehicle telemetric (tracking and diagnostics), driver management, fuel management and safety management with details reports for vehicle management such as Safety & Economical Driving Report, Trip Management Report etc.


      MI has also imported other GPS devices from Europe and China to serve SME market. Various sensors have also been provided which can be connected to the GPS terminal providing more safety driving to reduce accident and thus reduce costs, such as doors, temperature, immobilizer, fuel sensor, Mobile DVR which can record and take snap shot both inside and outside of the vehicle, alcohol checker.


      SMS Broadcasting Service is another service for contacting and confirming the safety of overseas employees in one go. The service is based on SMS technology supported by any set of SIM cards and mobile handsets from major operators in 19 countries and region, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, The Philippines, Australia, South Korea, China (including Hong Kong), Taiwan, India, Japan, Myanmar, New Zealand, UK, Germany and USA.


      MI has launched the latest online digital tachograph tracking technology from Japan which integrated the drive recorder feature with the image processing camera to the LTE digital tachograph and the wearable sensor ‘FEELythm’ (drowsiness detection device) for the road safety purpose. Thus, fleet manager knows what happens during the vehicle running, such as sudden deceleration, change the lane/path without giving signal or driver feels asleep, etc. This is to cope with Government’s regulation on road safety. Apart from this, the company has started to import the Smart Hub with wireless sensor, Nano Multi-sensor, which is the essence of IoT with the capabilities of not only tracking but also sensing such as temperature, humidity, impact/free fall, light, etc.


      MI has two wholly owned subsidiaries in neighboring countries, Mobile Innovation (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. in Hanoi City and P.T. Mobile Innovation Indonesia Jakarta, Republic of Indonesia and selling partner in The Republic of Union of Myanmar.


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