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      Loxley has been a leader in the distribution of consumer products in Thailand for several years.  Therefore, we have been trusted by many leading products which rely on our highly effective management approach and a strengthened partnership that assure smooth product distribution across the country. 


      Towards a stable growth, we are expanding our import/export potential into more than 20 countries through different distribution channels and one-stop service solutions. We also continue to source locally manufactured products, which are up to quality standard and destined to meet the needs of trade partners worldwide. 


      In addition, our business operations include the distribution of a complete range of chemicals in response to the industrial manufacturing needs. Our products cover almost every industrial field. 


      Backed by a team of dedicated chemical specialists ready and waiting to support customers, we are always attentive to the smallest detail before and after selling a product. Laboratory tests are always in place to ensure the highest level of confidence and reliability. 


      Besides, we specialize in sourcing, importing and distributing premium food ingredients such as wagyu beef and seafood items. 


      By meticulously selecting reliable manufacturers from various origins around the world, which allow for the superior quality and to deliver the best to leading hotels and restaurants nationwide. 


      Reinforced by the restaurant business which has high potential, we are always eager to partner with the most favorite restaurants from around the world, and are taking steps to expand our franchise network in the future. 


      These days, we continue to develop constantly and create new opportunities driven by a great team of professionals who work hard together towards a common goal.   



      We are on a promising path to be a leader in food service and distribution, and ready to provide all products with an opportunity to grow together.