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      Loxley Trading Company (LTC), a subsidiary of Loxley PCL, is one of the leading distributors of fast moving consumer goods in Thailand. For over 41 years, LTC helps clients to advance and grow their businesses in both new and existing markets by offering a complete range of distribution and marketing services. LTC has wide and deep distribution channels including wholesale stores, retail stores, modern trade stores, convenient stores, and hotels and restaurants for more than 30,000 points nationwide


      Besides, LTC also provides service of consumer research, marketing activation, sales promotion to create value for brand owners. LTC core products are grouped into four categories i.e. Grocery, Beverage, Confectionery, and Beauty, Health & Wellness.


      With excellent team and services, LTC has gained trust from many leading brands such as “Cook” cooking oil, “Abevia” yogurt drink, “Tra Chang” fish sauce, “Greennut” roasted peas, and “Sumaco” canned sardines, mackerel and sardine. LTC is expanding the distribution channel into online e-commerce business in order to serve a growing demand of new and younger generation of customers, begin with beauty products.


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