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      Loxley Intertrade (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.


      Loxley Intertrade (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., has started distributing the Thai products in southern China. The products are those of food, confectionery, and Loxley’s owned brand Jasmine Rice 金 利 莲 (Golden Lotus). The products are distributed through both modern trade and traditional trade channels. One of our major distribution channels is the convenient stores in SINOPEC gas stations. SINOPEC is the largest petroleum company in China operating more than 20,000 gas stations throughout the country.


      Besides China, the Group also operates its businesses in 5 countries: i.e. Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, and India. The products supplied to these markets are divided into 3 categories; i.e. Consumer Products, Automotive Products, and Technology & others.


      The Group secures its supply sources by focusing in SME