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      Loxley Energy Strategic Business Group


      We aim at becoming a leading provider of transmission engineering and substations. In addition to integrating transmission lines and substations, we construct, install and test electrical power systems. We also develop SCADA to transform into a smart grid. 


      Committed to continuous development. We ceaselessly find renewable energy from clean energy sources by transforming sun light into high potential electricity with the use of advanced solar cell technology and managing this in an effective manner. 


      We have constructed solar farms on the rooftop, as well as on land and water surface. We also provide comprehensive system integration and maintenance services in this field. 


      Besides, we offer renewable energy consultation service to make the most of it and ensure it gives both economic and social advantages. This means we have on a sustainable energy source. 


      Further, we assemble, distribute and maintain electric vehicles.  We attach importance to the reservation of energy. We provide water supply systems, wastewater treatment systems and maintenance services.  


      We encourage the efficient use of resources and make this possible by utilizing practical knowledge and expertise in every process. 

      Loxley Power System Co., Ltd.


      Loxley Power Systems Co., Ltd. was established in 2015 as an affiliate of Loxley Public Company Limited to conduct operations in the designing, construction, installation and testing of electricity power systems capable of providing a diversity of services to customers under an EPC (Engineering Procurement and Construction) form such as construction of high-voltage electricity transmission system, high-voltage electricity substations, plants and high-rise buildings. In 2020, the Company had a total of 10 projects ongoing for the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand, the Provincial Electricity Authority, the Metropolitan Electricity and private companies.


      The Company is fully aware that construction works on high-voltage electricity systems, be they electricity transmission lines or substations, may have an impact on the environment and communities living around the construction site. Its main policy, therefore, is set with strict measures to protect against such an impact so as not to create problems for the environment and stakeholders with the results that the Company’s works in its past projects have never encountered any problems from such incidents at all.