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      Network Solutions Strategic Business Group
      We specialize in total telecommunication system engineering.  We provide the acquisition and installation of equipment, service, correct and adjust fiber optic networks as well as submarine cables.
      We are well prepared to manage through the digital era, using our expertise in telecommunication technology to transform ourselves into a system integrator.
      We design and install TV/Radio broadcasting studio equipment, and provide one-stop installtation services for digital broadcasting stations to give a crystal-clear audio visual experience in every coverage area.
      Additionally, we specialize in complete total rail transportaion systems, along with proven ability to design and develop installation work. Moreover, we provide maintenance services for toll collection systems and smart convenience/safety solutions for toll systems.
      Telemetry System Command Control Center. We have developed a fully integrated security control system that connects every related function and supports every safety measure while offering 24/7 monitoring.
      Integrating technologies in a brilliant way. We design and install "Smart Home" equipment that meet today's lifestyle needs and move forwards to a better future with products and services that ensure a higher level of convenience and safety.
      Offering the best choices in construction materials. We seek and select high-quality products for mega projects. Also, we contract to install high tension membrane roofing, provide building/public infrastructure maintenance and repair services, and source reliable products for landscape architecture. We deliver total construction management and engineering consultation.

      Loxley Evolution Technology Co.,Ltd.



      The Company is a subsidiary of Loxley Public Company Limited, offering system integration services, which include security technology systems, both hardware and software, network systems, application development, site preparation, and maintenance services. The Company also offers security consulting by professional and highly qualified staffs at customers’ sites.


      The Company was set up in 2001 with registered capital of 50 million Thai Baht. It provides security technology solutions for Government sectors, airports, buildings, defense, military, forensic-science sectors, and various businesses with rapid and continuous expansion and growth.


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