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      Construction Materials Dept.


      The Group functions from acquiring, marketing through servicing and installing the product regarding the construction sector in 5 groups;


      1) Building Envelope product including;

      - NS Bluescope Lysaght metal sheet roofing

      - Decra natural stone coated roof tile from New Zealand

      - Aluminium Composite Panel under brand Architecks from Korea and Haida from China And also with other products such as steel decking, Ranbuild pre-fabrication steel building


      2) Hyundai elevator, escalator

      - Elevator, Escalator under bran HYUNDAI from Korea


      3) Auto parking system (APS)

      - Auto Parking System (APS) from Japan, Korea and China


      4) Mechanical and Electrical products

      - Lighting control and home automation system under brand Bticino from Italy, Jung from Germany and AllLight (Local brand)

      - Building maintenance unit under brand COXGomyl from Spain and Nippon Gondola from Japan


      5) Landscape Products

      - Atlantis roof garden and vertical garden from Australia

      - Mehler Technologies tension membrane from Germany

      - Synthesis high quality shade fabric from Australia

      - Greenroad soil stabilizer

      - GRASS GRO® erosion and sediment control


      The Group currently supplies wide range of products and continuously improves our service with an intention to create a better customer’s satisfaction base on the total solution basis, also look for new products and service by means of more advance technology and higher quality.


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