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      We are determined to set a higher bar and become a leader in services business with excellence. We focus on enhancing the potential of our human resources.  We offer total security solutions, with the use of advanced technology and specialists in their respective fields. We perform in full compliance with internationally recognized standards.
      X-ray image analysis can be performed with outstanding precision. Trusted by leading airports nationwide and international airlines, the solution ensures maximum security.  Driven by professionalism, we are making every effort to work.
      Cargo image analysis/ X-Ray screening for cargo is always performed in accordance with international standards and regulations.  Backed by the 24/7 Command Control Center, the system connects all security check points before analyzing 
      and processing reports in an efficient way.  Additionally, all movements can be monitored through a specially developed application. 
      We are building a strong foundation for your business. Our trainings are conducted by speakers and trainers certified by the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand (CAAT), the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) and the International Air Transport Association (IATAS). 
      We also recruit qualified staff for entrepreneurs and offer high-performance security solutions to ensure peace of mind in every situation at the airport, in the office and many other important venues. 
      In addition, we offer cleaning solutions and building maintenance services by well trained staff with meticulous attention to every detail.
      We provide cleaning solutions that needs high level of expertise and comprehensive pest control services with the use of safe green / non-toxic products. Other professional services cover total landscaping and building management.
      We provide services and solutions that meet specific needs for the transition to aging society.
      We also aim at generating additional sources of income through asset management and property business
      We take part in initiatives towards building “livable cities” and paving the way to “smart cities” with sustainable growth. This consists of an integrated network of modern public infrastructure and safety for a better quality of life.