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    • “ASM” Raises Security Standards Together with Samut Prakan Polytechnic College Creating Vocational Program on Par with Bachelor’s Degree Level

            October 21st, 2013 saw Mr. Karn Thongyai, Managing Director of Asia Security Management Co., Ltd. (ASM), and Mr. Janvit Krongton, Director of the Samut Prakan Polytechnic College, together signed a Dual Vocational Training Agreement between Samut Prakan Polytechnic College and ASM, a security service provider from Loxley PCL group. The agreement is aimed at developing security management program on a vocational degree level, while the development of the course layout will focus on creating practical theory and security professional. Dr. Anusorn Sangnimnuan, President of the VEC, Dr. Sompop Chareonkul, CEO of ASM, and Mr. Chatchaval Jiaravanont, Chairman of the Vocational Institution Committee section 3, honorary presided over the signing ceremony consecutively.

          Mr. Karn Thongyai, MD of ASM, said that success factors of security related business is the quality of labor and technology, both of which must be developed simultaneously. However, most problem of security business operators come from the high turnover rate of employees, resulted in waste of training budgets and project discontinuity. Therefore, morale and spirit raising to employees should be prioritized first, which is what ASM has always been pursuing. The cooperation with VEC in establishing security management program will allow ASM’s employees to have theoretical education that they can concurrently apply their learnings to real world practice at the utmost. The education encouragement is the one part that will foster ASM’s employees to have good work ethics and consciousness toward the organization.

          “The program graduates will be granted vocational degree, which helps promote career growth. While the company already has policies to promote internal employees to become team leaders and managers, within the near future, ASM has aimed to advance the program to High Vocational Degree and Bachelor’s Degree in order to create high potential security labor force to supply our step into AEC market”, said Mr. Karn.

      First generation of security management program will be initially opened for ASM employees with at least M.3 degree to apply from 1st November 2013. Total of 120 applicants will be divided into 3 classes with 40 participants each. ASM will arrange two learning centers, one at Lad Krabang and another at Suvarnabhumi Airport, both of which will be completely supplied with practical security equipment and facility.

            Main feature of the program is to provide theoretical knowledge along with vocational knowledge and security management standards that can be applied to the current work position; for example, emphasize on Thai and foreign language lessons, usage of communication technology and leadership skills. The program graduates will have career promotion opportunity to become title such as manager or site leader in accordance to ASM’s security service area expansion. Graduates can choose to apply for career in public or private sectors, or even freelance, while not subject to any obligation. The program has aimed to provide applicants with freedom to labor market and elevate standard in security industry as a whole.

            Dr. Anusorn Sangnimnuan, President of the VEC, revealed that VEC has always gives important to the creation of vocational graduates in accordance to the government’s policy, and at the same time responding to demand from private sectors and all labor markets. As a result, VEC graduates will earn true recognition, reliable jobs and career growth matching that of the bachelor’s degree graduates. Especially when Thailand has become part of the ASEAN Summit, the development of the potential and market-ready labor force is considered a key factor. Therefore, VEC has decided to join hands with ASM – a professional security and surveillance provider at Suvarnabhumi, Samui and Phuket Airport and a provider of security equipment and professional – to develop a security management program that generate security professional corresponding to the growing demand in security labor market.

          The security management program in the business management curriculum on a vocational degree level has been certified by Ministry of Education as a Dual Vocational Training. Vocational institutes are required to jointly develop some of the lessons; for example, practical security management subject, English

       for security subject, security in manufacture subject, air and noise pollution control, etc. Nevertheless, instructors from Samut Prakan Polytechnic College have given their cooperation to provide lectures for all the afore-mentioned subjects.

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