LOXLEY Public Company Limited

    • Loxley Growing Revenue From Overseas Trading Unit

                 LOXLEY'Strading business group aims to double revenue from its international-trade unit from this year's estimated Bt350 million to Bt700 million by 2018, senior executive vice president Suraphand Bhasitnirandr said.

                He said in a group interview yesterday that the company would focus its international trade on three groups, namely China including Hong Kong, CLMV (Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Vietnam), and Japan.

                "We have expanded our international-trade business since last year, which recorded total sales worth Bt200 million, and target Bt350 million this year, doubling to Bt700 million in 2018," he said.

                Last year, the trading business group recorded total sales worth Bt4.2 billion, Bt4 billion of which were domestic,and the remaining Bt200 million from international trade. This year, the company targets total sales from the trading business group worth Bt4.75 billion, of which Bt350 million will be from international market.

                Suraphand said Loxley's trading business group targeted revenue to grow by 10-15 per cent a year for the domestic market, and 30-40 per cent for international markets.

                To achieve the latter target, the company will invest Bt20 million to Bt30 billion on trading systems and human resources to expand its distribution channels overseas.

                Currently, Loxley has up to 3,000 distribution channels in mainland China through local strategic partners including Sinopec, China Resources Vanguard (CRV), Aeon, Ole and Jusco.

                In Hong Kong in does business in 153 supermarkets and convenience stores through CRV. It also has up to 600 distribution channels in Vietnam,25 supermarket channels in Myanmar, and 17 convenience-store channels in Laos.

                Loxley senior vice president Nattapon Dejvitak said the company also planned to increase its product lines to support demand overseas by collaborating with a number of Thai small and medium-sized enterprises that have quality products they need to export.

                At present, the company is collaborating with 200 SMEs nationwide, 150 of which make food products. To facilitate its growth targets, Nattapon said the company would increase the number of SME partners to 300 by 2018.

                Loxley's trading business group currently comprises six units: construction materials, chemicals, consumer goods and retail, automotive and services, IT and multimedia, and international trade. Up to 20 per cent of its total sales come from construction materials.

      THE NATION  Issued date 9 June 2015