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    • LoxSim Opens Driving Centre

      LoxSim Opens Driving Centre

      แหล่งที่มา : BANGKOK POST วันที่ : 2017-09-14

      LoxSim Opens Driving Centre

      Loxley Simulation Technology Co Ltd (LoxSim) has opened a truck driving simulator, the country's first driving simulation centre to meet European standards, paving the way for sustainable road safety initiatives.

      Wansit Chatikavanij, the LoxSim chief executive, said LoxSim is using technology from AutoSim, a Norway-based driving simulation technology leader. LoxSim has been appointed AutoSim's exclusive reseller in Thailand and several Asean countries.

      In the initial phase, the company invested more than 30 million baht into LoxSim Driving Simulation Centre, which is equipped with an advanced 6DOF (degrees of freedom) full-cabin driving simulator to be used for heavy vehicle training and intensive research and development (R&D) activities for road safety.

      The simulator in the centre can be used for heavy vehicles of all types, such as tank trucks, rigid trucks and semi-truck trailers. The simulator system also allows for simulated engines, transmissions, gears, load types, and weights, depending on the customer's training requirements.

      Driving conditions are also adjustable based on weather conditions and localised road conditions, allowing drivers to train in dangerous scenarios.

      The core customers for the simulation centre are public and private transport companies that move dangerous and sensitive goods. LoxSim collaborated on the simulator with Shell Thailand, which saw the potential to upgrade its safety regulations through customised simulation training.

      Mr Wansit said Shell is not only LoxSim's first customer, but also a partner in developing driving simulation training because of its abundant knowledge and experience in road safety.

      "The driving simulation centre is only the first phase. In the near future, the company plans to increase investment in road safety technology and simulation, establishing a mobile driving simulation unit by using different types of simulator ranges," he said.

      LoxSim's business consists of sales, R&D, and integration of simulation technologies.