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    • Loxley Targets Bt3.6 bn Revenue from IT

      Loxley Targets Bt3.6 bn Revenue from IT

      แหล่งที่มา : The Nation วันที่ : 2018-05-31

      Loxley Targets Bt3.6 bn Revenue from IT

                LOXLEY aims to achieve revenue of Bt3.6 billion for its information technology (IT) business by the end of this year.

                The company also said it would spend Bt100 million on research and development into offerings based on innovations such as blockchain technology. The announcements came as the company said it is planning to join the bidding for government projects valued at more than Bt4 billion this year.
                Saknarong Saengsangapong, first executive vice president of Loxley, said that the firm this year would focus on providing innovative services for the enterprise and government markets.
                Its services cover e-payment solutions, Big Data, cyber security, a trade facilitation platform, payment gateway enabled e-commerce, cloud development, blockchain technology and data analytics project, Saknarong said. The company has also developed customisation solutions to support the enterprise and government markets.
                He said that the company was awaiting the terms of reference (TOR) for a number of government projects under the national e-payments programme with a budget of around Bt5 billion.
                Government agencies, such as the Revenue Department, will present the projects' TOR and bidding schedule this year. The firm expects to enter the bidding for various government projects with a value of around Bt4 billion, such as the Government Data Archiving, Big Data and data integration management projects.
                "The information technology market in the country is continuing to enjoy growth," said Saknarong. "The Thailand 4.0 policy will encourage the development of the IT market in the country as a whole. We are also preparing to equip our workforce with the professional skills to support the demands of the market."
                He said the company had begun to focus its business on services that would support the needs of the market and these services will be the main revenue source of its business in the next three years.
                The firm by the end of this year will invest around Bt100 million for research and development in new technology and innovations such as blockchain, the Internet of things (IoT), and cloud development.  For the company's 2018 revenue goal of Bt3.6 billion for the IT business, this would mark an increase of 11 per cent from last year's result.
                Hardware and solutions will account for around 60 per cent of this revenue, with the rest from information technology and innovation services. Around 80 per cent of total revenue will come from the government sector.
                Over the next three years the company expects the revenue contribution from IT and innovation services to be around 60 per cent, with the rest from hardware and solutions.
                "I think that in the next three years, our main revenue - at around 60 per cent of total revenue - will come from services, given our customers' needs for IT usage and services and with the customisation services that will support this demand in the market," said Saknarong.