LOXLEY Public Company Limited

    • E-Tuk Tuk Factory Visited

      Khun Dhongchai Lamsam Chairman of the Executive Board and Dr. Sompop Chareonkul Vice Chairman of the Executive Board of Loxley Public Company limited with management teams visiting an electric three–wheeler factory. Loxley Public Company limited is electric three–wheeler dealer which produce by The Tuk Tuk Factory Company. The management teams receive a warm welcome from Mr. Dennis Harte president of Tuk Tuk Factory Company and Khun Sukrasit Haritaworn Senior Vice President of Power Automobile Department at Loxley Public Company limited.


      Furthermore, Mr. Sukrasit said “Objective of this partnership is launching electric three wheeler brand TTF to Thailand and ASEAN market. Ours targets are hotel, hospital, condominium, restaurant, school, and food truck, last year we sold more than 10 tuk tuks to these groups. This year, we plan to increase sales in public tuk tuk driver. Currently, Chiang Mai province approved 450 new tuk tuk registrations. We predict to get around 10% of market share. In the meantime, co-operation between Loxley and Government Saving Bank to offer loan for tuk tuk driver, which can support financial problem and create a new opportunity. Besides, it can reduce air pollution which still occur in Chiang Mai. But in the same time, Bangkok still not allow new tuk tuk registration, which we are looking for other possibility.”


      “TTF electric tuk tuk have World class engineering design, and produce in Thailand. Moreover, it is the only one company in Thailand that can obtained Type Approval from the European Union, USA, Australia, and New Zealand. Currently, TFF Company is exporting an electric tuk tuk around The World.”