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    • Loxley Show Technology to Smart Farmer

      Loxley Show Technology to Smart Farmer

      แหล่งที่มา : เดลินิวส์ วันที่ : 2019-06-05

      Loxley Show Technology to Smart Farmer

      Loxley brought their Internet of Thing (IoT) Sensors to participate The Smart Farming Project by Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, in rice field to encourage traditional famer to become “Smart Farmer”.  


      Loxley Public Company Limited Brought IoT Sensors and agricultural analysis platform to shows and demonstrate to farmer in the campaign “Adopt Smart Farming Technology to Rice Field to Increasing Efficiency and Decreasing Cost, 2019” by Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives at Ban Suan Tang, Suphan Buri Province.
      Mr. Karn Thongyai First Executive Vice President of Loxley Public Company Limited said “Loxley are IoT technology expertise who fully ready in updated equipment and platform. It is such an honor for us to be a part of private company who working with Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives in this project. We are going to share our technology knowledge for farmer to improve their working efficiency to become Smart Farmer. It is a new step for agriculture career to have a sustainable lifestyle, which related with government policy Thailand 4.0 and Thailand’s 20-Year National Strategy. Moreover, it related with The Smart Farming Policy by Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives.”
      IoT Technology by Loxley that operate in this project was used in rice field 20 rai (32,000 square meter). It is a set of sensor that can detect and measure temperature, sunlight, wind, rain, humidity, sample of pest, and growth of plant. After that, collected data will be analyze and synthesize, result will display on dashboard for plant health assessment. Farmer going to get information through their device, and use that to manage their farm.
      Previously, Loxley IoT sensors has been used in KC farm by Sunsweet Public Company Limited at Chingmai. They are using these sensors for collect and analyze an agricultural data. Goal of     co-operation between Loxley and Sunsweet are develop a smart farming platform that improve productivity of sweet corn. This operation has a good result and still working until now.