LOXLEY Public Company Limited

    • Loxley Supporting Thai Boccia Team for Asia-Oceania Regional Championships 2019

      Loxley celebrate Thai Boccia team who won BISFed 2019 Hong Kong Boccia World Open and provide bursary for next competition at BISFed 2019 Seoul Boccia Asia-Oceania Regional Championships in 2-6 July. The Boccia team is a part of “Loxley & ASM Sport Hero”, which is para-athletic group who supported by Loxley Public Company and ASM Security Management Company. The Celebration was led by Mr.Karn Thongyai First Executive Vice President, Dr.Dawarit Tansuphasiri Executive Vice President, and Mr.Charaspong Lamsam Vice President of Loxley Public Company Limited. Bursary was received by Watcharapol Wongsa, Boccia Player representative at Loxley Building Klong Teoy in 7 June 2019.