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    • Simulator Could Change Trucker Behavior

      Simulator Could Change Trucker Behavior

      แหล่งที่มา : น.ส.พ.ไทยโพสต์ วันที่ : 2020-01-29

      Simulator Could Change Trucker Behavior

      The semi-exhibition “Growth Mindset and Learning Behaviours by Simulation” hold by Loxley Simulation (Loxsim). The exhibition from Loxsim is demonstrate vehicle simulation especially for trucker to practice their driving skill in rarely situation and make road more safety. Honored by Mr.Vasant Chatikavanij director of Loxley Public Company Limited for opening ceremony.


      Within the Exhibition there are showing many type of simulation devices by Loxsim. Also, a seminar “Success of driving development and environment friendly by Simulation” led by Shell Thailand Company Limited with leader of logistic company such as Pongrawe Company, Good Team Enterprise Company, and SC Carrier Company going to shared their experience to audiences.