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    • Loxley-ASM Sport Hero Disabled Athlete Supporting Program “Chance – Desire – Success”

      Loxley-ASM Sport Hero Disabled Athlete Supporting Program “Chance – Desire – Success”

      แหล่งที่มา : หนังสือพิมพ์รายวันทันหุ้นธุรกิจ วันที่ : 2020-04-01

      Loxley-ASM Sport Hero Disabled Athlete Supporting Program “Chance – Desire – Success”

      Humanity have faith in their ability, even there are normal or disable. Bravery is all we need to make the dream come true. Under this thought, the project Loxley-ASM Sport Hero was found and operated to support disabled athlete for a long time.

      Loxley-ASM Sport Hero was found by Loxley Public Company and ASM Security Management Company which is subordinary of Loxley, by purpose of supporting disabled athlete activities.

      Mr.Charaspong Lamsam Vice President of Corporate Social Responsibility Department said “this project begins when company employed disability person in many position which  fit their personality. Last 7-year, Loxley start hired disabled athlete for positions. We believe that they are skilled and tough as same as normal person. Which have been proved in many competitions that they won.”

      “The chosen athletes are hired to be professional sportsman and got paid like other employee. Which they can focus on daily training, not their bill. We also fund for travelling cost, training camp, and other which depend on situations”

      Many years of the program, no doubt that Loxley-ASM Sport Hero was successful, if we looking on medal that we got. Our players can beat a lot of national and international competitions. Including, a star player Mr.Watcharaphon Vongsa boccia national team who got Para-Athlete Royal Cup Best Player 2017.

      Nowadays, Loxley-ASM Sport Hero have around 70 players who are skilled in plenty of sports such as badminton, table tennis, swimming, wight lifting, boccia, shooting, football, tennis, basketball, taekwondo, karate, lawn bowls, disabled cycling, and hand cycling. Led by head coach, Mr.Sumate Mukdapitak who made consideration on players that are going to join the program and pick squad players for competition along with other coaches. Base on training performance, form constantly, and their attitude.

      Since the beginning, Loxley-ASM Sport Hero has produced many of medallists and a ton of good disabled athletes which Loxley can be proud. They are role model for other generation of disabled people who had a dream. Lately, our players are listed for Tokyo Paralympic Games 2020 at Japan including Mr.Watcharaphon Vongsa, Mr.Pornchok Larpyen, Mr.Ritthikrai Somsanuk, Mr.Ekkarat Chaemchoi, and Mr.Somboon Chaipanich

      An even International sport event was skipped because of coronavirus spreading. Within this situation, Loxley brought health insurance for player to be another push. After one-year break, disabled athletes from Loxley-ASM Sport Hero are going to keep training, and waiting for success in the future.