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    • New! "Tabi" Japanese Rice Crackers

      New! "Tabi" Japanese Rice Crackers

      แหล่งที่มา : หนังสือพิมพ์มติชน วันที่ : 2020-07-16

      New! "Tabi" Japanese Rice Crackers

      Loxley Trading is introducing “Tabi” Japanese rice crackers that are made from glutinous rice. These bite-sized snacks offer various flavors that fits with any styles which include, 1.Japanese mixed: the classic rice crackers with classic soy sauce flavored. 2.Hachimitsu honey: rice crackers are coating with scented and sweet Hachimitsu honey and add peanuts for crispier. 3.Spicy shoyu: snacks are seasoned with soy sauce and spice, for people who love spicy. Each pack is priced at 30 THB.

      Tabi was distributed by Loxley Trading Company. Enjoy a variety of Japanese rice crackers today at Tesco Lotus, Tops, Gourmet Market, Foodland, Family Mart, and CJ Supermarket.