LOXLEY Public Company Limited


      Loxley Public Company Limited has operated its business for over 83 years. It was founded on 15 January 1939 under the name Loxley Rice Company (Bangkok) Limited as a joint venture between Ng Yuk Long Lamsam and Andrew Beattie of W.R. Loxley Company of Hong Kong. Initially, the Company’s main activities were exports of agricultural products of Thailand, including rice and timbers.


      For over eight decades, the business has grown from strength to strength. In 1957, the Company’s name was changed to Loxley (Bangkok) Company Limited and expanded its export businesses as well as distribution of foreign products including industrial products and advanced technology products. Due to its outstanding performance, the Company had attracted a huge number of leading local and foreign corporations, many of which later became the company’s business partners. By the year 1988, with an aim to meet the ever-changing market demands, the Company expanded its business to cover technology.


      On 1 April 1993, the Company was transformed into a public company, being listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand under the name of Loxley Public Company Limited. Our shares began to be traded on 25 January 1994 under the designation “LOXLEY” in the commercial group of stocks.


      The Company has always committed to operating its business with a comprehensive range of products and services, focusing on sustainable growth in order to cater clients’ needs and to manage our assets in accordance with the value-added principle for maximum benefits of shareholders, employees, and the society.


      Four eras of Loxley’s 83-year development


      The First Era : from 1939 to 1952



      Founders of Loxley Public Co., Ltd.



      The Company commenced its operation by exporting agricultural products, including rice and timbers, prior to expansion of imports of products after the World War II.


      The Second Era : from 1953 to 1987



      Most of the Company’s imported products, which included machines, electrical appliances, and motors, were from England. Later, various categories of products were imported from Asian and other western countries, such as motors from Japan, cosmetics from Korea, Olivetti typewriter from Italy. The Company’s experience in advanced technology products in this era has contributed to unrivalled expertise in the area of technology in later years.


      The Third Era : from 1988 to 2010


      Loxley has expanded the business to cover public utility infrastructure, telecommunication, energy, information technology and communications, as well as consumer products and services. It has not only developed its own working systems and products, but also been distributors and joint ventures of internationally-recognized products and technology. The Company has presently met consumers’ demands with a wide range of products.




      The Fourth Era : from 2011 to Present



      In the 8th decade of existence, the Company may, indeed, be called a conglomerate richly endowed with expertise in a number of areas with the strength of unity and individuality in such diversity through inter-related synergy. The heart to manage its operations as a conglomerate is to spread out the power to various executives at various levels in order to vest them with the decision-making authority. Besides being able to handle its core operations on a continuous basis over the years, the Company also continues to give great importance to environmentally-friendly businesses in the process of its operations which is not only reflective of its social responsibility but also adds to and reinforces its corporate value on a sustainable basis.



      Loxley Corporate VDO Presentation