LOXLEY Public Company Limited

    • Board of Directors

    •   Dr. Supavud Saicheua
          Independent Director
      Independent Director, Since 28 February 2007
      Audit Committee Member, Since 11 May 2018

      Ph.D. in Economics University of Hawaii at Manoa, U.S.A
      MA in Economics University of the Philippines (Diliman), Philippines
      BA in Victoria University of Wellington, NewZealand
      Director Accreditation Program 36/2005 Thai Institute of Directors Association

      Work Experience for the Past 5 years
      Listed Companies

         Independent Director, Loxley Plc / Technology and trading business

         Executive Director Managing Director (Head of Research), Phatra Securities Plc / Securities service

      Non-Listed Companies / Other Business

         Special Expert, Thailand Creative Economy Agency / Government entity

         Advisor of Investment Committee, Government Pension Fund/Independent entity under the supervision of Ministry of Finance

        Sub-Committee, The National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB) / Government entity   
         Trustee, Kenan Institute Asia / Non-profit organization

      Shareholding of Loxley

      Own: None                                                 Loxley-W: None 

      Spouse or Underage Children: None               Loxley-W:  None