LOXLEY Public Company Limited

    • Board of Directors

    •   Chalermchoke Lamsam
      Director, Since 22 December 2010
      Managing Director, Since 1 January 2017


      Bachelor of Business Administration, Chulalongkorn University
      MBA, Seattle University, USA
      Public Administration and Public laws, King Prajadhipoks Institute
      Accreditation Program 106/2013 Thai Institute of Directors Association

      Work Experience for the Past 5 years


      Listed Companies 

         Senior Executive Vice President, Loxley Plc / Technology and trading business
         Advisor to MD, Muang Thai Insurance Plc / Insurance business
      Non-Listed Companies / Other Business

      Director, Loxley Power Systems Co., Ltd. / Construction of electrical substations & transmission and provide electrical system

      Director, L Solar 2 Co., Ltd. / Operate solar power plant
      Director, SLA Asia Co., Ltd / Installation of telecommunication

      Director, LS Technology Solutions Co., Ltd. / Operate the security technology solutions in Asian region

      Director, L Green Solution Co., Ltd. / Provide alternative energy
      Director, Green Natural Products Co., Ltd. / Manufacture and sale of kaffir oil, essential oil, and other healthcare products
      Director, L Force 1 Co., Ltd. / Supply, manufacture and sell of shooting stimulation for fixed shooting and trapshooting
      Director, Loxley Mobile Co., Ltd. / Sale and service of various prepaid electronics cash card

      Director, Parts Zone (Thailand) Company Limited / Trading in automotive parts and equipment
      Director, Loxley Wireless Plc/Sale and service of telecommunication and information technology systems
      Director, Loxley Property Development Co., Ltd. / Renting of building, advertising board and providing services
      Director, L Solar 1 Co., Ltd. / Operate solar power plant

      Director, Thai Fiber Optics Co., Ltd ./ Manufacture of fiber optic
      Director, L-TAG Technologies Co., Ltd. / Sale of construction materials and installation service of waste water treatment system and other sanitation

      Director, Law Enforcement Technology Solutions Co.,Ltd. / Design and installation services of security systems

      Loxley International Co., Ltd. / Provide maintainance services for computer, communication systems and project consultant
      Director, LTS Travel Service Co., Ltd. / Tourism business and sale of plane tickets

      Shareholding of Loxley

      Own:  9,876,688 shares or 0.44%               Loxley-W: 117,579 units

      Spouse or Underage Children: 3,920,437 shares or 0.17%   Loxley-W: 46,671 units


      Family Relationship among Executives

      Son of Mr. Dhongchai Lamsam, Nephew of Mr. Pairote Lamsam, Mr. Poomchai Lamsam and Dr. Jingjai Hanchanlash, Cousin of Mr. Vasant Chatikavanij and Mr. Suroj Lamsam