LOXLEY Public Company Limited

    • Board of Directors

    •   Petch Wanglee

      Director, Since 24 February 2018  



      Master Degree in Business Administration, Babson College, U.S.A.

      Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, University of Hartford, U.S.A.

      Politics and Government in Democratic Systems for Executive class 9, King Prajadhipok’s Institute

      National Defence Program, Joint Public Private Sectors, Class 22, The National Defence College

      Top Management Program, Class 17, Capital Market Academy

      Top Management Program, Class 11, Thailand Energy Academy


      Expertise Management 


      Listed Companies (1)

      23 February 2018-present  - Director, Loxley Plc / Technology and trading business                                     


      Non-Listed Companies/Other Business (6)

      2016-present – Senior Executive Vice President, Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co., Ltd.

      2014-present – Director, Sitthinan Co., Ltd.  

      2007-present – Director, Loxley Trading Co., Ltd. 

      2006-present – Secretary to Soybean and Rice Bran Oil Processor Association

      2006-present – Director, C.E.S. Co., Ltd. 

      2004-present – Director, Poonphol Co., Ltd. 

      2004-present – Director, (Poon Udom Co., Ltd.)

      2003-present – Director, PPM Holding Co., Ltd. 

      2000-present – Director, Pirakit Co., Ltd.

      1994-present – Director, Poon Pipat Co., Ltd.

      1991-present – Director, Rangsit Ruam Patana Co., Ltd.


      Work Experience for the Past 5 years

      2012-2015 – Deputy Managing Director, Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co., Ltd.

      2006-2011 – Assistant Managing Director, Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co., Ltd.

      2004-2006 – Trade Director, Poonphol Co., Ltd. 

      2000-2003 – Deputy Trade Director, Poonphol Co., Ltd.

      1999-2000 – Asset Product Manager, Standard Chartered Bank Nakornthon


      Shareholding in Loxley

      - Own: None

      - Spouse or Underage Children: None        


      Family Relationship among Executives