LOXLEY Public Company Limited

    • Board of Directors

    •   Petch Wanglee
      • Director, Since 24 February 2018  



      - Master Degree in Business Administration, Babson College, U.S.A.

      - Bachelor Degree in Business Administration, University of Hartford, U.S.A.

      - Politics and Government in Democratic Systems for Executive class 9, King Prajadhipok’s Institute

      - National Defence Program, Joint Public Private Sectors, Class 22, The National Defence College

      - Top Management Program, Class 17, Capital Market Academy

      - Top Management Program, Class 11, Thailand Energy Academy


      Expertise Management 


      Listed Companies (1)

      23 February 2018-present  - Director, Loxley Plc / Technology and trading business                                     


      Non-Listed Companies/Other Business (6)

      2016-present – Senior Executive Vice President, Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co., Ltd.

      2014-present – Director, Sitthinan Co., Ltd.  

      2007-present – Director, Loxley Trading Co., Ltd. 

      2006-present – Secretary to Soybean and Rice Bran Oil Processor Association

      2006-present – Director, C.E.S. Co., Ltd. 

      2004-present – Director, Poonphol Co., Ltd. 

      2004-present – Director, (Poon Udom Co., Ltd.)

      2003-present – Director, PPM Holding Co., Ltd. 

      2000-present – Director, Pirakit Co., Ltd.

      1994-present – Director, Poon Pipat Co., Ltd.

      1991-present – Director, Rangsit Ruam Patana Co., Ltd.


      Work Experience for the Past 5 years

      2012-2015 – Deputy Managing Director, Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co., Ltd.

      2006-2011 – Assistant Managing Director, Thanakorn Vegetable Oil Products Co., Ltd.

      2004-2006 – Trade Director, Poonphol Co., Ltd. 

      2000-2003 – Deputy Trade Director, Poonphol Co., Ltd.

      1999-2000 – Asset Product Manager, Standard Chartered Bank Nakornthon


      Shareholding in Loxley

      - Own: None

      - Spouse or Underage Children: None        


      Family Relationship among Executives