LOXLEY Public Company Limited

    • Executive Board

    •   Dr. Sompop Chareonkul
          Vice Chairman of the Executive Board
      Director, Since 15 November 2001
      Vice Chairman of the Executive Board, Since 1 January 2017
      Nominating & Remuneration Committee Member, Since 1 January 2017

      B.Commerce (1st Class Honours), Chulalongkorn University
      MBA. (Marketing), University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
      M.S. (Business Administration), University of Wisconsin - Madison, U.S.A.C225
      Ph.D. (Business Administration), University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
      National Defense College (4212)
      Director Accreditation Program 15/2004 Thai Institute of Directors Association
      Advanced Security Management Program National Defense College Association of Thailand
      Top Executive Program in Commerce and Trade : TEPCoT 4 (Commerce
      Poompalungpandin Program (RIAL I) Chulalongkorn University
      Adanced Political and Electoral Development Program APED IV Political and Eletoral Development Institute, Office of The Election Commission of Thailand
      The 3rd Metropolis Development Programmer for Top Executives (the Metropolis 3)
       Thammasat Leadership Program (TLP Vll)

      Work Experience for the Past 5 years
      Listed Companies 

      Senior Executive Vice President, Loxley Plc / Technology and trading business
      Non-Listed Companies / Other Business

      Chairman, LS Technology Solutions Co., Ltd. / Operate the security technology solutions in Asian region

      Chairman of the Executive Board,  Asia Security Management Co., Ltd. / Provide security service
      Chairman of the Executive Board, Law Enforcement Technology Solutions Co.,Ltd. / Design and installation services of security systems
      Director, Postique Co., Ltd. / Provide advanced techniques for advertising and film making services

      Director, Loxley Trading Co., Ltd. / Sale of consumer products

      Executive Director, Oriental Post Co., Ltd. / Advertising series post production services

      Shareholding of Loxley

      Own: 720,000 shares or 0.03%                      Loxley-W:  10,000 units

      Spouse or Underage Children: None             Loxley-W: None