Previously, the Company has laid the groundwork for the business operation and the core business strategy for better management efficiency. The Company also gave precedence to the corporate governance, placed the risk management guideline for flexibility in encountering any crisis and in recovering from the unaccomplished goals, and built the internal strength before moving forward to the business expansion. All are challenging and important for our stable growth in the future.

Drawing competency of each business unit for the good operating performance, competitiveness under existing resources and assets, efficiency in profit making, acquisition of business opportunities, and development of new innovations become the key goals and determination of the Company in 2024. To pave the next secure move, the Company is still determined to focus on synergy among main businesses in the Group of Companies for mutual business strength, good relationship retention, and cooperation with alliances in every business which would be further connected for new business opportunities.

Next, the Company will be determined to operate the business in accordance with the vision and main strategy established to give good returns to the shareholders and all groups of stakeholders. Definitely, the Company will continue operating the business with corporate responsibility to local communities, society, and environment to lead the organization to achieve sustainability under main goals in caring for and strengthening the community and the society, and offering opportunities and equality in the society through various activities to support athletes with disabilities, communities, and aged people. The Company also defines the environmental policy to encourage efficient uses of resources, reduce the consumption of resources and the emerge of waste, and support the use of alternative energy because the building of foundation and long-term business success must involve the sharing and returning to the society for joint living and simultaneous growth.

On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Company, I would like to extend my gratitude to all shareholders, joint venture partners, suppliers, business partners, financial institutions, customers, and other related parties who have strongly supported and trusted the Company throughout 84 years. We greatly appreciate our executives and employees who have made a valuable contribution and effort to drive the Company to meet goals and success.

(Mr. Dhongchai Lamsam)

Chairman of the Board

(Mr.Suroj Lamsam)

Chief Executive Officer