In 2022, Loxley ran its business under two key priorities – a balance between revenue structure and risk mitigation, with investment in a diverse portfolio to build stability into the operating results, and appropriate risk management to be ready for any volatile situation at any time.

The foundations of a well-laid business strategy, coupled with collaborations, dedicated staff and generous allocation of resources, enabled the company to continue its operations stably, with readiness to expand on its growth with opportunities from alternative businesses in the future.

In 2023, the company remains committed to operating its business on its foundational vision and key strategies which have been laid down, and is fully prepared to proactively adjust for integration and creating new business value. These will generate consistently good returns for shareholders and stakeholders, the key step towards sustainable growth in the future.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, I must thank our shareholders, the Board, our executives and every employee for their support of the company’s operations. I am confident that these efforts and our management potential will enable Loxley to make stable progress and achieve its Vision.

(Mr. Dhongchai Lamsam)

Chairman of the Board

(Mr.Suroj Lamsam)

Chief Executive Officer