08 September 1994
Loxley Plc (LOXLEY) clarified a published report on the item of "The 3rd Loxley Strategy of Future Communication" stating that the company is conducting a feasibility study on its new telecommunication business for five projects. These are the third mobile phone service provider and fixed cellular mobile phone projects which have to wait for the green light for bidding by the Government. Also, the company offered a sale of copyright of the Loxnews Service project to overseas paging operators. But there has been no contact by operators wanting to use the services. The company said if there is progress on the other projects, it will inform SET later. LOXLEY also said that the above information did not come only from its executive, but it came from the information and data collected in the published report. So, some of the news about the report may have been distorted. Translated by The Nati