"MUMZAB" X "Jones’ Salad" Unveil 3 Wow Dishes!! for Mellow Gastronomic Experience

14 June 2023

MUMZAB has now brought its Cooked Fermented Fish Sauce and Spicy Dipping Sauce to a collaboration with Jones’ Salad. Through the collaboration, three creative dishes hit the market with exceptional great taste. They promise to delight health-conscious consumers who love Isan Food as well as people who love to try new things, thus expanding the customer base of both brands. The launch of these new dishes takes place at Jones’ Salad branch at Central EastVille, with Mum Jokmok and Jones’ Salad executives ready to serve.

Mr. Petchthai Wongkamlao or Mum Jokmok, director of MUM-PETCH Trading Company Limited,says,“MUMZAB launched our Cooked Fermented Fish Sauce,Beef Seasoning Sauce, andSpicy Dipping Sauce in the middle of 2022. With Loxley Trading as our distributor across both online and offline channels including 7-Eleven, BIG C, and Lotus’s outlets, Shopee and Lazada platforms, as well as retail shops across Thailand, we have received good response from consumers. Just as our sales continue to grow, we also look for new business opportunities. MUMZAB therefore has lately joined forces withJones’ Salad, the brand of organic salads, in developing a new healthy menu. Our collaboration has combined healthy dishes like Jones’ Salad with MUMZABCooked Fermented Fish Sauce and Spicy Dipping Sauce to bring deliciousness to the next level”.

Mr. Ariya Kumpilo, chief executive officer of Jones’ SaladCompany Limited, says,“MUMZAB products provide authentic Isan taste. The brand’s Cooked Fermented Fish Sauce and Spicy Dipping Sauce, when mixed with healthy fares by Jones’ Salad, add a novel touch to Jones’ Salad menu and expand the customer base of both brands. We will be able to reach out to health-conscious consumers who love Isan food as well as people who enjoy trying new food items. We believe our collaboration will not only enhance the image of our brands but it will also boost our sales”.

Jones’ Salad used to prepare its spicy salads with cooked fermented fish sauce before but gave it up because the preparation of such a sauce was complicated. When MUMZAB approached it with ready-for-use Cooked Fermented Fish Sauce, it was thus interested in the offering. Better still, MUMZAB’s Cooked Fermented Fish Sauce uses only sea fish and is free from strong smell. Its Isan touch also proves a perfect complement to fusion foods like the following three delicious dishes:

1. Spicy Spaghetti with Fermented Fish and Chicken Breast: Bt129
Perfectly-cooked spaghetti is stir-fried with Fermented Fish Sauce for a mellow taste. As spices blend with dried chilies, Benja chicken breast from the Sous Vide process offers a nice contrast. It’s so tasty that you can’t have enough of it.

2. Rice with Burned Salmon (served with Spicy Dipping Sauce): Bt249
Salmon dices are burned to fragrance and topped over rice with fresh vegetables. Pour in Spicy Dipping Sauce, which is familiar among Thais, for the delightful food novelty.

3. Chicken Breast Salads with MUMZAB Dipping Sauce (with Spicy Dressing):Bt139
Fresh organic greens are complemented by premium protein, organic Benja chicken breast. Cooked via the Sous Vide process, the meat goes nicely with spicy Isan-style dressing. It’s a must-eat item for health-conscious consumers.

If you would love to taste the flavorfulSpicy Spaghetti with Fermented Fish and Chicken Breast, Rice with Burned Salmon, and Chicken Breast Salads with MUMZAB Dipping Sauce, visit any of the 22 Jones’ Salad outlets, but please note that spaghetti dishes are available at 12 branches only (Saladaeng, Seacon Square, Central Westgate, Central Pinklao, La Villa Ari, The Market Bangkok, Future Park, Bangchak Petrol Stations (Sukhumvit 62, KrungthepKreetha, Teparak, Sai Mai), Central Festival EastVille, and Terminal21 Rama 3). This special menu is available from today until August 31, 2023.