Launch of "Mum Zap X PUMPUI" Delicious Spiciness Guaranteed for Lovers of Northeastern Taste

27 May 2024

“Mum Zap” collaborates with “PUMPUI” in presenting canned fish and baby clams in new flavors, which boast Mum Zap’s signature northeastern taste and canned-fished leader PUMPUI’s remarkable manufacturing standards. The collaboration presents "Mum Zap X PUMPUI" as a co-brand, with highly professional Loxyley Trading in charge of distribution. New products under the co-brand are expected to generate more than 100 million baht within one year.

27 May 2024, Mr. Saha Sahajareunpanich, director of Petch Saharat Industry Company Limited, reveals that the co-brand between Mum Zap and PUMPUI enjoys the strengths of both brands. As canned-fish leader PUMPUI provides manufacturing expertise, Mum Zap contributes with its impressively distinctive northeastern taste. New products from the co-brand are designed to tap into new segments and are backed by Loxley Trading’s comprehensive network distribution. “Mum Jokmok” (Mr. Phetthai Vongkumlao), a superstar comedian from Thailand’s Northeast, is both the owner and presenter of Mum Zap. Experimented and developed by him for the co-brand are Fried Mackerel in Northeastern-Style Chili Sauce and Chopped Mackerel in Northeastern Sour & Spicy Sauce. The new products target not just consumers who appreciate northeastern cuisine but also people who love to try new menus.

Mr. Suroj Lamsam, CEO of Loxley Public Company Limited, says as the distributor of Mum Zap products, his company is well aware that the market’s response to Mum Zap has exceeded all expectations. Mum Zap’s collaboration with PUMPUI in presenting new products with distinctive flavors under "Mum ZapXPUMPUI” co-brand therefore marks a new milestone in bringing the delicious taste of Thailand’s northeastern or Isan cuisine to a wider base of consumers. The Northeast will also be the first region to enjoy the products from the co-brand following their launch. This co-brand expects to achieve 100-million-baht sales in its first year. It also sets its sights on acquiring at least five-percent of the market share in the canned-fish industry or recording 400-million-baht sales within three years.

In the first phase, the co-brand’s products will be distributed through a traditional-trade network from late May with the Northeast being the first region to start distribution. The distribution will then expand to modern-trade outlets including leading department stores, supermarkets, and convenience stores across Thailand in July.

The six new products are:

  1. Fried Mackerel in Three-Flavor Sauce, Bt29 per can
  2. Fried Mackerel in Northeastern-Style Chili Sauce, Bt29 per can
  3. Mackerel in Spicy Tomato Sauce, Bt22 per can
  4. Chopped Mackerel in Northeastern Sour & Spicy Sauce, Bt30 per can
  5. Seasoned Baby Clam with Chili, Bt32 per can
  6. Super Spicy Baby Clam, Bt35 per can

“Loxley Trading is ready to promote “Mum Zap X PUMPUI” with O2O marketing activities. We will hold lucky draws, set up booths for consumers to sample our products, and offer promotions. We will even organize mini events in collaboration with Mum Jokmok who will be on a road show to shops, distributors, and consumers across the country so as to serve good experience and encourage purchase decisions,” Mr. Suroj says.

Currently, Loxley Trading has distributed three types of products namely household products, salty snacks and beverages, and oral-care products. Famous brands in our distribution networks are Cook vegetable oil, Nongpho milk, Trachang fish sauce and shrimp paste, Lee Kum Kee sauce, Greennut peanuts, Mum Zap cooked fermented fish sauce, Goodtime cereal beverages, and Jordan toothbrushes. Household products now account for 70% of the company’s sales. As “Mum ZapXPUMPUI" joins the company’s portfolio, its sales will likely increase by at least 5%.

Ms. Pavita Tohtubtiang, Vice Executive Chairman of Kuang Pei San Food Products Public Company Limited or PUMPUI, reveals that Thailand’s canned-fish industry is worth between 7,000 million and 9,000 million baht. The two main product categories in the industry are Fish in Tomato Sauce and Flavored Fish. PUMPUI is now the country’s No. 1 brand of flavored fish cans as its products’ taste is consumers’ favorite. The launch of “Mum Zap X PUMPUI” promises to enhance the company’s portfolio with the addition of new flavors. Backed by its research and development expertise, PUMPUI has long produced canned fish that answers consumers’ needs and tastes. Its production process pays due attention to every component right from the selection of quality ingredients to proper manufacturing standards, and packaging procedures that are in line with international practices. PUMPUI therefore has been a well-trusted brand for more than 46 years already.